Recommended Reading

  • Janet Horvath - "Playing Less Hurt"


  • Rory Noland - "The Heart of the Artist" & "Thriving as an Artist in the Church"

published by Zondervan

  • Bennett Reimer - "A Philosophy of Music Education," 3rd Edition

published by Prentice Hall

  • Colin Lawson - "Mozart Clarinet Concerto"

published by Cambridge University Press

  • Eloise Ristad - "A Soprano on Her Head"

published by Real People Press

  • Daniel Bonade - "Clarinetist's Compendium"

published by Leblanc Educational Publications

  • Aaron Copland - "What to Listen for in Music"

published by Signet

  • Colin Lawson - "Brahms Clarinet Quintet"

published by Cambridge University Press

  • Barry Green - "The Inner Game of Music"

published by Doubleday