20 Things You Can Do While Your Band Director Is Working With the Trumpets... Again

1. Practice that tricky run on the first page.  (Silently, of course.)

2. Figure out who’s playing which divisi part.

3. Mark that flat you missed a few measures before the group stopped.

4. Jot down rehearsal notes for your stand partner who’s sick at home.

5. Look up the fingering for that really high note coming up.

6. Clean the tenons of your instrument.

7. Convince your section to count that rhythm that you all missed.

8. Count that rhythm you missed anyway (in your head, not out loud, please).

9. Read carefully for any tricky spots you may have overlooked, and then…

10. Pull out another piece to work on.

11. Grease your corks.

12. (Silently) practice scales.

13. Very quietly compliment someone near you who is playing really well that day.

14. Check for loose screws in the key work of your instrument.

15. While you’re at it, examine all the pads on your instrument to make sure they’re in good shape.

16. Polish your instrument.

17. Write a thank-you note to your recital/solo and ensemble accompanist.

18. Invite someone in your section to your upcoming recital.

19. Practice that tricky run again.

20. Keep an ear out for your director so you’re ready to play on time.