Katherine Peters

Musician | Teacher | Composer

We are created in God’s image, and as such, have a measure of His creative ability. When we make music, we are—in our own small way—reflecting that first act of creation.

Katherine Peters graduated with a degree in music education from the University of South Florida in Tampa.  She has worked in schools as a band director, and has also taught choir and general music.  She now runs private studios in northern Indianapolis.  Her students are regularly placed at the top of ensembles in their schools and in honor bands and orchestras.  She is also independently contracted by band programs to teach clarinet and saxophone classes.  In addition to recognitions for her teaching, Katherine is a published composer/arranger.   Katherine is an actively practicing musician and appears with wind ensembles, orchestras, and the occasional pit orchestra around Indianapolis.  She is the director of the Indianapolis Clarinet Ensemble, and she also enjoys collaborating with colleagues to present chamber music concerts. 

Where to Find Stuff

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Instruments & Equipment

  • www.weinermusic.com Fred Weiner has been in the business for a LONG time. He has a great selection on woodwind equipment at very solid prices.

  • www.paigesmusic.com Paige's is Indiana's go-to source for all things band and orchestra. They offer all the staples with very good customer service.

  • www.ridenourclarinetproducts.com Tom Ridenour is a maker of mouthpieces, clarinets, and other accessories. For students, I'm particularly a fan of his thumb saddle.

  • www.meridianmusic.com Shopping for a piano? This is easily the best source of quality pianos in Indiana.


  • Brightman Woodwind Repair 317-257-0560 (Indianapolis)

Ensembles in Indianapolis


  • www.yeodoug.com Doug Yeo was a trombonist in the Boston Symphony for years. He has great articles aboutmusicianship, personal management, the business of music, and more on his site.

  • www.woodwind.org Follow the tabs for your instrument to find extensive fingering charts, articles, and an active forum.

  • www.sfskids.org Want a fun way to introduce your child to classical music? Here it is!

  • www.dsokids.org Games, activities, and programs that teach kids about the orchestra. Teachers, this site also offers lesson plans.

  • www.compassion.com I love Compassion International. They do very excellent work in very difficult parts of theworld. Go check them out and please consider sponsoring a child.